Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Binny's opens in Champaign IL

Finally my favorite place on the planet has opened with 50 miles from me! I wish it was in Bloomington of course, but Champaign is close enough! The building looks great and the selection looks pretty good as well. I will let you know more when I visit it! Here is the article along with pictures.

Here is a list of some of the breweries available.

Make sure to search on my blog for my Binny's trip (I've made plenty of them, but only did one post on it!) The reason for an hour plus drive instead of a 2 minute drive to Friar Tuck? Three Floyd's, Half Acre, Stone (yes I know we carry that here now), Great Lakes, Brooklyn Brewery, and the list goes on and on! Amazing selection and atmosphere at every Binny's location I've been too!

This is also my first blog post in nearly a year! I had health problems last year (not attributed to alcohol!)which pretty much ruined my year last year. I'm back and ready to have some fun this year though! Make sure you check out Binny's in Champaign, if it's half as good as their other stores, then you will be impressed!

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